Brass, Woodwind & String Instrument Repair and Cleaning

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Typical charges for cleaning, disinfecting, and adjusting Piccolos, Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones are under $50 and less than 2 weeks - Rush orders are also accepted when time permits.


"Play conditions" are usually less than $100, but may be more depending on the actual condition.



"Complete overhauls of instruments are also available.

Usually such extreme reconditioning is reserved only for

those instruments truly in need."



Most complete overhauls on Student Flutes and Clarinets are $200-$250.  Professional models slightly higher.


Alto Saxophone complete overhauls run about $350-$450.


Silver-plated and vintage instrument repairs appropriately higher, subject to current condition and requested level of restoration.



"We are willing to work within your budget and time frame!"



All Estimates Include Parts and Labor

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